Everyday Jewelry

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You can tell a lot about a person by the jewelry they wear every day. It has to be suitable and practical for the daily tasks ahead but it also tells us about the wearer. An indication of marital status, religious icons, and heirlooms. We rarely wear something extravagant unless it’s a sentimental piece such as an eternity ring or an engagement ring.

Modern everyday jewelry has subtly become about the surprise that was once a word of costume and more statement pieces. Clean lines, minimalism and sculptural pieces reflect the aesthetics of the time. We reserve our more colorful pieces for holidays and sparkly pieces for winter. The jewelry you wear every day is for 24 hours and being on the go with busy lives.

Stacking jewelry has become the norm as multiple rings and ear piercings are no longer reserved for the bohemian and the rebellious. Everyday studs layered with hoops and midi rings adorning hands. You can spot those who keep their metals clean and simple. Wearing only yellow gold or silver and those who wear vibrant gemstones all year round. Necklaces have tended towards mini pendants and fine chains.

At some point, we meet someone wearing the same dress as us but this never happens with our jewelry; even pieces we wear every day. The uniqueness of our everyday jewelry is special that it can be worn every day and also never go out of style. Tomorrow morning when you go to your jewelry box take a little extra time to pause and put on your jewelry. Ask yourself why you love your everyday jewels and what makes you pick them out over and over again.