Life Is the Greatest Journey

What is a travel for you? First of all, a travel for me is a movement, an exploration. When I was a child, I was always curious about the world. I was always recieving huge encyclopedias, so I could look for the answers to all my questions about the planet, different countries, and cultures.

Traveling is about new wonderful places, people, and impressions, also about learning oneself.

When and why you started to travel? It started on the 8th month of my mom’s pregnancy. Apparently, a state of being on the road promoted love to journeys. Since that time I go traveling whenever it is possible - going to a new location in spite of amount of money I have.

Usually, the most memorable trips you have, when it is a “cheap-trip”, not luxury one.

How did you pick the places to visit? Do you have a fave one or maybe there is something special about it? My childhood fantasies. I was watching movies, music videos on VH1 and MCM and was dreaming about going to the places I saw. I always knew that when I become a grown-up I’ll take a journey across America by car. It came after “Forrest Gump”, “Interstate 60: Episodes of The Road”, “Wild At Heart”, “Crossroads” and “Rain man”.

Have you ever had a casual event or funny story during the trip? Yes, of course! Have you ever been in the middle of Death Valley having lost your gasoline? Full moon. No mobile service. Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? You have no idea, what I and two friends of mine had to go through at that moment. Also, the dog we had with us.

It took 30 minutes of attempts to start a car. After the vain endeavors, we managed to pull it to the side of the road and decided to thumb a ride, so we’d go looking for gasoline. It was one car each ten minutes. We did wait for some maniac of horror classics’. Nevertheless, there was no time for being scared. We pulled ourselves together, took our phones and went to the road, hoping to stop a car, having no idea, what’s waiting for us then….

The mere fact, that I’m giving you an interview right now, means that everything ended well.

How do you prepare for the trip? I’m fond of visualizing everything. I read, search for pictures and photos on the Internet, videos about places. List soundtracks from my Itunes library in advance and look for new tunes for my next trip.

If I’m traveling by car - I plan an itinerary in Google Maps.

What do you feel before and after the trip? I’m a typical dreamer, but reality does not disappoint me at all after my adventures. There are always things to happen unexpectedly and it gives you a full spectrum of new emotions.  

What or who inspires you? Music. Have you ever felt, when listening to some track, that it makes you do something? Just start walking or riding a bike. Coldplay - Swallowed in the sea or Till Kingdom Come, for example (yes, I’m really fond of Coldplay). When listening to it - you can imagine how sceneries are slipping by. Something definitely moves you.

There are different kinds of trips. Some leave everything and just take off. They never come home. Others build plans in advance. What do you refer yourself to? We know, that good improvisation - is a well-planned improvisation. During my trip in States - my friends and I planned everything, booked hotels to avoid a temptation of changing our route. It is so because we had a certain budget and time frame.

When I travel alone, I like to plan all my meetings and business ahead of time. It helps me to fulfill the daily norm and gives me some space for myself, so I explore unknown places.

I like to communicate with local citizens and find out the way they live.

I heard you are into collecting. Is it just a hobby or something more than that? When I was a child, I used to collect stickers of Marvel and DC comics, as well as videotapes, CDs, etc. With aging, my passions changed.

What are you collecting now? When I was about 16-18 years old, I fell into collecting hats and accessories. I’ve been to every possible market, schlock joint I could find in Holland, USA, Switzerland, and France. So I got unique things. I may even never have worn these things, but surely can tell how I found them.

The latest discovery for me was jewelry brand Rara. I’m wearing their rings now without taking off. It was love at the first sight. I hope that fascination with the last discovery will grow into something interesting.

How do you create your stories, choose/make photos for them? Everybody’s talking about sincerity now. To spark somebody’s interest you have to be sincere. I agree, but it is at variance with what I see on the Internet. I stand for naturalness, for accepting yourself, for changing to better from inside, not outside. It is much harder. It is important.  When a person is self-confident, he shines from within. His wealth is in his knowledge, qualities, and skills.

I realized that recently.

Once you wrote that life - is the greatest journey. Why is it so for you? When you go traveling, you don’t know, what’s waiting for you for sure. You can only plan, imagine or guess. Still, you have no idea what’s there, round the corner, until you’re there.