Come to Know: MAISON 10

Jewelry world is as unique as precious stones themselves.

Since we’re in love with jewelry, we feel sympathy for uncustomed jewelry concepts as well.

Because of this, we had a certain case to speak with Henri Myers, one of the founders of online and retail store MAISON 10.

You will learn from this interview the particular features about running the actual business related to jewelry.

How did you come up with the idea of MAISON 10? My husband Tom and I thought about opening a little shop in London a few years from now. We wanted it to incorporate all the things we love - art, flowers, and classy lifestyle items showcasing them in a comfortable environment that allows people to come by to shop and discover new things. When the opportunity came up with space here in New York City, we jumped on it. MAISON 10 transformed from this idea into taking all of our professional backgrounds and using them to promote something different through retail.

Were there any difficulties? I wouldn’t say difficulties, but there were for sure some stressful challenges along the way. We actually started the process with a Kickstarter to help us get the base needs for opening a store. It was our first time doing something like this. Kickstarter is hard to do, but we were able to pull it off with flying colors and got our idea funded.

How would you describe your idea then? MAISON 10? would like to convey to our customers that we are a concept store and art gallery space with only ten carefully curated items. So they are available across each of our ten categories, and a full 10% from each sale is donated to 1 of 10 charities.

What is so special about number ten? Well, The number 10 is important as we all shared a love of following the ‘top ten’ music charts in each of our countries (the USA, UK, and Germany) from as early as we could remember. It is also very beautiful graphically in our design aesthetic.

Tell, what, in your opinion,  distinguishes you from the others? We see MAISON 10 as being a launchpad for more retail stores and individual brands to take on a new vision by incorporating charitable responsibility into their daily lives. It is also fun to change out our product selection and featured artists each cycle, and that keeps our customers coming back for more.

Let's talk about engagement and wedding rings for LGBT couples. Do you consider they have to be with a characteristic feature? Engagement / Wedding bands for LGBTQ couples really should be the same as what’s offered to Heterosexual couples. Each couple is different and has their likes and dislikes when it comes to the look of what they want to represent their commitment to growing together. An example was when my husband Tom and I were looking at wedding bands. He wanted to have a black ring, and I was not too keen on that. I’m also not a gold person and wanted more of a silver or white gold band. We were able to come together when I discovered one of my brands through COEUR also made wedding bands using mixed metal. The band is 14k gold with oxidized sterling silver which gives it a really hazardous look and the oxidation on it can be reapplied when desired. It was in our case, the best of both worlds and still looks very stylish.

Same sex couples do tend to support the idea of having similar rings, but I have friends that also have different rings than their partner.

How do you pick the jewelry as none of the items in your store "static"? Before launching MAISON 10, I’ve had many lives in the fashion industry with 20 years of experience in PR, marketing, branding, sales, and retail. I currently produce a tradeshow for accessories and lifestyle products in New York and Los Angeles twice a year called COEUR. As I curate the vendors for the trade show, I also have access to an extensive list of sellable known and upcoming brands that work well together for our customers at MAISON 10. Jewelry is the most fun for me as I like to work with the brands. I’ve become familiar with over the years that make amazing products and want to feature them here in the store.

What is your meaning for jewelry? Jewelry is a statement, a feeling. Even a concept that someone is looking to put out into the world. Rings, necklaces, even hairpins are all jewelry items that one can incorporate into their lives daily.

Do you think that New Yorkers have a particular taste in jewelry? Everyone has their personal style and an individual way of expressing themselves through accessories and jewelry. Some like to keep it simple, and other go large and in charge.

How do you find the perfect ring for your store? It really depends on the person. For MAISON 10, I like to feature a mix of looks, dainty, classic and bold and visual rings. We like to try to have something special for everyone.

What are MAISON 10 plans for the future? We plan to open ten stores in 10 cities. It’s all about the number 10!