Digital Goldsmiths: Traditions Within Technologies

Some people believe that using technologies is the step forward. Well, it’s not. At least, not entirely.

The actual step to the future means not forgetting the past. It’s about combining the best options the future can offer with the ancient, proven to be useful and effective, traditions. It’s all about creating your own, unique path.

Presently best goldsmiths combine the two – they traditionally use their eyes and hand tools for work and at the same time practice 3D jewelry modeling. It is the way how they achieve the best results. Now let’s have a closer look at the two opposite options.

When a modern goldsmith relies only on traditional techniques of making jewelry, he/she loses his/her position on the market. It doesn’t matter how much your skills are mastered and how talented you are. Still, the machine work is going to win this competition.

On the other hand, if the jewelry production is completely automated, as a result, it’s too perfect. And not in a good way. The jewelry seems cold, soulless and not real – it loses its nature and its character.

On this matter, you’ve got to be smart - and to act accordingly. Using 3D-modeling, for instance, is smart. This technology shows us how to be more accurate. It teaches us how to push our limits while designing jewelry items. It helps us to make more complicated ones. Different technologies should be used to experiment, and that is something we should never be afraid to try out. Trying something new and creating the shapes you can’t create any other way – this is what I mean by saying “to move forward”. But one should never forget – any piece of jewelry has to retain the human touch. Whether you enamel it or you engrave it, you leave a part of your soul in it. That’s all that matters.

If you want to lead in this world, you need to lead it with technologies. Do not fear to try something new. Keep on exploring. Be smart. Stay tuned!