Who are Remuse ambassadors?

We believe that the act of coming together in furtherance of Remuse’s mission creates new opportunities, ideas and conversations that will lead to greater mobility and prosperity for womankind. Remember to use your unique link. Because you’re unique. They are a community committed to living a smarter life and empowering others to do the same. They connect with one another online and IRL and get unique access, invites to private events and exclusive content. Side note: They also get swag.

What would I do? 

  • Spread the word about Remuse in your community, campus, network, family, those random Facebook friends... use a unique link that gives you credit for signing people up;

  • Give feedback and brainstorm us;

  • Attend Remuse events to connect with other local ambassadors.

What would I get?

  • Swag on swag. Go wild. Tote your Remuse bag and rock your shirt, while typing on your Remuse-cased phone, sipping out of your Remuse wine glass;

  • An invite to our private Slack group where you can connect and network with other ambassadors;

  • The chance to join The A List, a giant bucket list where ambassadors help one another accomplish personal goals;

  • Early access to partners’ content and products;

  • Best birthday presents

  • Access to Remuse HQ + Remuse HQ'rs

  • Partnership perks. Past highlights: exclusives with our partner brands, co-branded Remuse-only events, and deep product discounts, etc.

How do I start?

  • Use your personal link to get 10 new ambassadors on board;

  • Email [email protected] to get more info, ask questions, give suggestions. Know someone who should be an ambassador? Email us to nominate them.


Jewelry for creators

Explaining our partnership with Rara. What they give for our ambassadors.